中国成语寓言故事 (Chinese Idioms and Fables)

作者: 未知 [未知] (unknow) 语言: 双语


公羊触篱 The Ram Butts Against the Fence 即鹿无虞 Approaching the Deer Without Yu 妻子劝夫 The Wife Exhorts the Husband 悬牛卖马 Hanging Up an Ox but Selling a Horse 反唇相讥 A Sarcastic Retort 景公求雨 Jing Gong Prays for Rain 鲁班造鹊 Lu Ban Makes a Magpie 多言何益 What's the Good of Talking Much 五十步笑百步 Those Who Flee 50 Steps Laugh at Those Who Fle 100 Steps 以羊易牛 Exchanging the Ox for a Sheep 拔苗助长 Pulling Up the Seedlings to Help Them Grow 鹦雀笑鹏 The Quail Ridicules the Roc 庖丁解牛 The Cook Dissects an Ox 浑沌开窍 Making Features for Hun Dun 东施效颦 Dong Shi Knits Her Brows in Imitation 望洋兴叹 Sighing over One's Insignificance Before the Vast Sea 井低之蛙 The Frog in a Well 邯郸学步 Learning to Walk in Handan 询楼捕蝉 Hunchback Catches Cicadas 不鞍之药 Medicine for Chapped Skin 意怠免患 The Ram Butts Against the Fence 鲁国少儒 The State of Lu Is Short of Confucian Scholars 鲫鱼求救 The Crucian Carp Calls for Help 曹商得车 Cao Shang Acquires Chariots 潇鼠五会 Five Skills of the Flying Squirrel 少女遇盗 A Young Girl Encounters a Bandit 网开三面 Leaving the Net Open on Three Sides 因噎废食 Giving Up Eating for Fear of Choking 颜回攫甄 Yan Hui Grabs Rice from the Steamer 抱婴投江 Throwing the Child into the River 楚人涉瘫 The Chu People Attempt to Wade Across the Yong River 唇亡齿寒 The Lips are gone and The Teeth will be cold 刻舟求剑 Cutting a Mark on the Boat to Find the Sword 楚王击鼓 The King of Chu Beats the Drum 掩耳盗铃 Covering One's Ears to Steal a Bell 自相矛盾 Self-Contradictory 相辅相成 Complementing Each Other 宋人献玉 A Man of Song Presents a Piece of Jade 不合时尚 Against the Current Fashion 郑人买鞋 A Man of Zheng Buys Shoes 视石为宝 Taking a Stone for a Treasure 和氏献璧 He Shi Presents a Piece of Jade 讳疾忌医 Hiding One's Sickness to Avoid Treatment 争先恐后 The Striving to Be the First and Fearing to Lag Behind 一鸣惊人 Startling the World with a Single Cry 不死之药 Medicine for Immortality 老马识途 An Old Horse Knows the Way 滥竽充数 Be There Just to Make Up the Number 买犊还珠 Buying the Case but Returning the Pearl 杀猪教子 Killing the Pig to Educate the Son 画鬼最易 Drawing Ghosts Is Easiest 燕王学道 The King of Yan Learns Taoism 守株待兔 Waiting for Hares by the Tree 曲高和寡 Refined Songs Find Few Singers 祀人忧天 The Man of Qi Worries About the Sky 愚公移山 Yu Gong Moves Away the Mountains 小儿辩日 Two Children Argue About the Sun 薛谭学讴 Xue Tan Learns to Sing 纪昌学射 Ji Chang Learns Archery 同道异功 Different Results from the Same Course 杨布打狗 Yang Bu Beats the Dog 致富妙法 The Clever Way to Get Rich 疑人偷斧 Suspecting Others of Stealing the Hatchet 黄公嫁女 Huang Gong Gets His Daughters Married 螳臂挡车 The Mantis Tries to Stop the Chariot 楚人烹猴 The Man of Chu Cooks Monkey Meat 叶公好龙 Ye Gong Is Fond of Dragons 远走高飞 Flying High and Far to Distant Places 螳螂捕蝉 The Mantis Catches the Cicada 追女失妻 Chasing a Woman Only to Lose His Wife 斑鸿说袅 The Turtledove Talks to the Owl 人生三喻 Three Metaphors for Life 泥人木偶 The Mud Man and the Wooden Puppet 弹就是弹 A Slingshot Is a Slingshot 自知之明 Knowing Oneself 物以类聚 Like Attracts Like 狗阻告状 The Dog Blocks Compliants 狐假虎威 The Fox Borrows the Tiger's Power and Prestige 画蛇添足 Drawing a Snake and Adding Feet to It 惊弓之鸟 A Bird Frightened by the Mere Twang of a Bowstring 南辕北辙 Going South by Driving the Carriage North 千金买骨 Buying Bones with 1000 Pieces of Gold 鹬蚌相争 Snipe Grapples with the Clam 亡羊补牢 Mending the Fold After the Sheep Is Lost 庭燎招贤 A Torch Lit Before the Palace to Enlist Men of Virtue 苛政猛于虎 Tyranny Is Fiercer than Tigers 磋来之食 Handout Food 仕数不遇 No Opportunity to Be an Official 夜郎自大 Ludicrous Conceit of the King of Yelang 谁坐上座 Who Should Take the Seat of Honour 一孔之见 A Single Mesh View 东食西宿 Having a Foot in Both Camps 群蚁观鳌 A Swarm of Ants Watch the Huge Turtle 翼射不中 Hou Yi Misses the Target 定伯卖鬼 Dingbo Sells a Ghost 盲人摸象 Blind Men Feel the Elephant 井中捞月 Scooping Up the Moon in a Well 周处除害 Zhou Chu Gets Rid of the Evils 断织诫夫 Cutting the Fabric to Admonish the Husband 梁上君子 The Gentleman on the Beam 对牛弹琴 Playing the Lute to a Cow 阿豺折箭 Acai Breaks the Arrows 一箭双雕 Shooting Two Vultures with One Arrow 杯弓蛇影 Mistaking the Reflection of a Bow in the Cup for a Snake 黄粱美梦 A Brief Dream of Grandeur 骗猎遭黑 The Deceitful Hunter Encounters a Brown Bear 腰缠万贯 With 10000 Coins Around the Waist 黔驴技穷 The Guizhou Donkey Exhausts Its Tricks 骗子卖药 The Swindler Sells Medicine 姑息养鼠 Indulgence Towards Rats 粤犬吠雪 The Dogs in Yue Bark at Snow 一叶障目 Covering the Eye with a Leaf 磨砖成镜 Grinding a Brick into a Mirror 熟能生巧 Skill Comes from Practice 符艾相争 A Quarrel Between the Peachwood Charm and the Mugwort Figure 蛤蟆夜哭 The Toad Weeps at Night 扣槃扪烛 Striking the Plate and Touching the Candle 秦士好古 The Qin Scholar Is Fond of Antiques 囫囵吞枣 Swallowing a Date Whole 剜股藏珠 Gouging Out Flesh to Conceal the Pearl 东氏养猫 Dong Keeps Cats 真假汉鼎 Genuine and Fake Tripods of the Han Dynasty 稀世珍琴 A Rare Stringed Musical Instrument 师旷调琴 Shi Kuang Tunes a Stringed Musical Instrument 东郭和狼 Dongguo and the Wolf 按图索骥 Looking for a Steed with the Aid of Drawings 季子拜师 Ji Zi Acknowledges a Master 道学风度 The Confucian Moralist Bearing 专治驼背 Specializing in Curing Hunchbacks 只治外科 Surgery Only 凿壁移痛 Chiselling the Wall to Shift the Pain 翠鸟迁巢 The Kingfisher Moves Its Nest 半日清闲 A Half Day's Leisure 忘乎所以 Losing One's Head 何必当初 Why Did I Get Up in the First Place 贪得无厌 Greedy Beyond Measure 蝙蝠强辩 The Bat's Lame Argument 夫人属牛 My Wife Was Born in the Year of the Ox 讳不识字 Resenting Being Considered Illiterate 铁棒成针 Grinding an Iron Rod into a Needle 半斤八两 Tweedledum and Tweedledee 佛道自尊 The Self-respect of the Buddhist and the Taoist 男女有别 Prudent Reserve Between Men and Women 近视新编 A New Story About Near-sightedness 戴高帽子 Presenting Tall Hats 天帝赐酒 The Emperor of Heaven Bestows Wine 愚公移山 The Foolish Old Man, who removed the mountains